A man’s best Everyone’s best friend. Boradors are a loving, friendly, and inquisitive breed with endless energy. An active dog for active people. Great with kids and for getting you off the Sofa.

Borador Breed

The right dog for you?

Just like people not all dogs are the same, so you can paint them all the exact same based on breed alone as all have their own unique personalities just like us. However, there are some traits that differ from breed to breed to be aware of. When trying to choose what dog to get, its best to do some research before jumping into a new long-term relationship. Boradors, are an energetic dog, full of playfulness and mischief, they will keep you on your toes as puppies(literally) as the like to nibble on everything. The owe their high energy levels to their parents, boradors are a cross breed border collie and Labrador mix. Boradors are a mid-sized dog and are quite strong, so you need to be moderately fit to walk them. They need walked everyday and lots of attention, but in return will provide you and your family many funny times.

Borador Information

Boradors are a mid-sized dog that if treated properly, have one of the longest dog lifespans. The are robust and generally have minimal veterinary bills and good health. The are incredibly affectionate, clever, and energetic so they need plenty of attention and regular exercise. Boradors have low aggression and are great with kids!

  • Borador Life Span | High | Is one of the longer living dogs! 90% 90%
  • Borador Agressiveness with People | Low | Can be a little with others dog but not people. 25% 25%
  • Borador Playfulness | Very High | 95% 95%
  • Borador Size | Medium | 70% 70%
  • Borador Costs | Low | 25% 25%

Borador of the Month

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